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My pt3 (pentaksiran tingkatan tiga) results which is similar to form 3 assessment  just came out last month (19th december 2016). I feel butterflies in my stomach. But, I did not show it.My parents motivated me by saying “no matter what you get,amma(mum) and appa(dad) knew that you did your best”.Then we went to the school.The principle looked content and she said that our batch did one of the unforgettable achievement.The most awaiting moment arrived.The principle was calling the students who scored perfect score. (10 A’S) Suddenly,I heard calling my name.I went to stage to get my result.I was really happy to make my parents proud. It was a touching moment for me.So today I am going to share some useful tips to succeed in exams.


  1. First of all,concentrate when your teacher is teaching. Do respect your teacher.
  2. Do a lot of exercises.
  3. Make reading novels,story books as habit.
  4. Blogging is a interactive way for you to improve your language skill
  5. Create a daily schedule of tasks you want to accomplish during exam preparation.The main thing is you must follow the time table.
  6.  When you study, do it in a focused and proper way, avoid any kinds of distractions and use the time you have to the maximum.
  7. use mind maps and colorful pens when you are doing notes. This can really attract you to read and you will not get bored easily.
  8. Don’t try to memorize, understand it. Memorising is just like transfering a message without reading it seriously.So will not be able to understand it and nowadays the questions are based on HOTS.(high order thinking skills)
  9. Be brave to ask question.Do ask questions oftenly,so you can understand it very well.
  10. lastly, believe 100% in yourself that you can do it.


In mu next post I am going to share about….

  1. Visual Learners
  2. Auditory Learners
  3. Emotional Learners.
  4. Kinesthetic Learners

Till then bye!!!(don’t forget to comment)





friendly..epicurean...keep calm and try hard

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